For the chain operations as a whole see Chuck E. Cheese's


The current logo as of 2015

Chuck E. Cheese's is a Polar Nation Family Entertainment Center that's owned by Rock'n'Roll Dining Inc. (Under the license of CEC-SPP-PPP Entertainment)


In 2009, Rock'n'Roll Dining Inc. Made a contract with CEC-SPP-PPP Entertainment to make chains of Chuck E. Cheese's stores. In 2010, The first store opened in HukeVille, Newgeneland. And continue to expand across Newgeneland, Sythompy and New Polar. As of 2014, All countries in Polar Nation has a Chuck E. Cheese's. In 2017, in honor of CEC's 40th Anniversary they rebranded all CECs to Pizza Time Theatre only for the 40th Anniversary. 

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Chuck E. Cheese'sEdit


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